In God’s Holy Word, The Study

Welcome to “In God’s Holy Word, The Study”. We will be reading through the Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) and using posting Bible study material based on The New American Commentary (NAC) on the Bible. As new material is made available (as pages), you will be notified by blog posts.

Pick up your Bible and a NAC commentary and follow along.

You can find the commentaries in your local library or church library. (If your church does not have the commentaries, please ask them to purchase them or donate a copy to add to your church’s library). You can also buy them at your local Bible book store, or B&H Publishing Group (USA only).

We are beginning with an Introduction to Genesis 1-11. Click here to navigate “In God’s Holy Word, The Study”.

May God bless you and open our eyes to new insights and revelations found In God’sHoly Word.