Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning the Bible Study:

Q1: What is the purpose of your “In God’s Holy Word, The Study” Bible study?

A1: Although there are plenty of Bible study material available I wanted to do something new and different. We will be writing the study material based on Bible commentaries, in a effort to encourage laypeople and student to use more resources in their regular Bible study time.

Q2: Who can use your Bible study? Who is it for?

A2: The study is for laypeople who desire to dig deeper into God’s Holy Word but do not know which commentaries to use, or they find commentaries overwhelming with a lot of content.

More Coming Soon!

Concerning the Prayer Challenges:

Q1: Where did the idea of the “prayer challenges” come from?

A1: The prayer challenges stem from an assignment for my practicum (field ed) in Bible college. The practicum, for credit, spanned two semesters, January-April 2015 and September-December 2015. In between and after I continued to read books on prayer and write the prayer challenges related to the material I was reading.

More Coming Soon!


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