Reading Through the Bible

(My apologies for posting this a week late. It should have been up January 1, 2017.)

Many of us want to read through the Bible in a year. We find a plan or create one that we hope will work. But how often do we actually carry through with it? When do we begin to full behind and eventually give up? In the past I have typically survived one or two months in, which is always in the books of Numbers and/or Leviticus.

This year I have compiled a reading plan that has three readings per day, for five days a week, and each is from a different part of the Bible: Genesis, Job and Matthew. Five days reading so that when I fall behind I have two days each week to catch up.

The end of each month (for January being an exception) I will be posting the readings for the following month. They will appear under the new menu item “2017: Reading Through the Bible“.


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