Part 4: Intro to Genesis

Theology of Genesis

(The New American Commentary, vol. 1a, Genesis 1:1-11:26, pages 54-63)

Theology – the study of Theos, God. Many people look at Genesis as a book of early human history, or myth of how the world began. In reality, Genesis is a text filled with the story of God’s interactions with the beginning of His creation. When we read the Bible with the understanding that it is primarily about God, it can change our view of ourselves and our world. We are God’s creations. Sin is a result of our disobeying God’s commands. Blessing and salvation comes from God, and not through anything we have done or can do. Today we will look at the promissory promises to the patriarchs: blessing, seed, and land. In the latter half we will touch on other aspects of theology that we find in Genesis: creation, life, sin, civilization and covenant.

Click here for the questions on the readings.


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