The Study is Here

Our long anticipated Bible study is finally upon us. Back in November 2014 an idea came to: I wanted to write Bible study material to teach others the basics any good and Bible-centred seminary teaches. (As material is written we will post updates with links to the pages.)

There are a lot of good reference material out there, as well as the bad. Many different schools of Christian thought (theological and philosophical) are currently floating around in churches and other Christian institutions. Every commentary series and other resources available are rooted in a particular theological school of thought.

How did you choose a series to work with? Simple. I choose The New American Commentary (NAC) series because of who wrote the volumes. These men have dedicated their lives to studying God’s Holy Word and they continue to. They have solid theology based upon God’s Word to use and not based upon human pre-assumptions or desires.

Also, I had the privilege to meet with several of the renown authors over the years.

What about other commentary series? Now, although I am using the NAC that does not mean that there are no other “good” series out there. In fact there are too many (as in dozens) for me to consider all of them, never mind study them.

That comes to another reason why I picked the NAC.

Some of the commentary sets available are way too in depth, with facts and word studies, for laypeople. Too much information can be overwhelming, especially if you start with it. That is not saying you cannot use them, in fact I recommend such material for advanced students.

Other commentaries only have the bare bones of Scripture explanations. Again, I am not saying you cannot use them. I own one such series that is helpful for any one to lead a small group (Bible study or other church group) in their home or at church.

The NAC is a nice middle ground for any serious student of the Bible. And by student I do not mean academic student, I mean any person who is serious about going deeper into God’s Holy Word.

Our study In God’s Holy Word  begins with Genesis, and our study in Genesis we are beginning with an Introduction to Genesis 1-11. Click here to navigate “In God’s Holy Word, The Study”.

May God bless you and open our eyes to new insights and revelations found In God’s Holy Word.


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