In God’s Holy Word: Bible Study

In about one week’s time (June 12, 2016) the planned start date for “In God’s Holy Word” is upon us. That doesn’t necessarily mean the first study notes will be posted, instead that is when it officially begins.

As we prepare to study the Word of God, chapter by chapter, we will be going through Dr. George Guthrie’s study entitled Read the Bible for Life workbook (available in paperback & ebook at It is 9 week study on the fundamentals of why and how to read the Bible. One major aspect I like (and the Bible college I graduated from taught this as well) is context. (I’ll go more in depth in a few weeks.)

Many folks, but not all, tend to take various Bible passages or verses out of context. How do they do this? You may ask.

  1. They judge the passage/characters with their cultural trends or understandings.
  2. They read the Bible with a preconceive notion, and look to support it with verses.
  3. They look at a chapter or set of verses as stand alone when they are part of a “Bigger Picture”.

This isn’t true of every passage (e.g.: Psalms) and it’s definitely not true of all people all the time. The question we all need to ask ourselves is: how well to we really know God’s Holy Word?

You can follow me here as I read and review each chapter of the workbook. After that is done we will use it as a springboard to examine each book and chapter of the Bible.

God Bless!


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