Writing Bible Studies

This term I had the privilege to take a course titled “Teaching Christ Followers”. Although it was monitory I would have taken it anyways, what the material lines up with “In God’s Holy Word” perfectly. The first half of the semester we learnt the importance of teaching Christian disciples and how to write our own Bible study curriculum. This final portion we are actually writing and presenting Bible studies we wrote.

I could list the requirements but I’ll leave that for study itself. When “In God’s Holy Word” Bible study posts begin to surface on here (or an upcoming website) you’ll see the sections we touch on.

Today I finished the outline for my second Bible study for the course and next week I’m scheduled to present it to the class.

The question you’re all may be asking: Seeing that there are so many Bible studies available, material other people have written, why write your own? While I don’t and would never abject to using these, it is more edifying to write your own. The reason for this is simple, when the teacher writes his/her own Bible study, Sunday school material, or even a sermon the teacher will become more of an expert on the subject or passage than they were before.

What’s the point for teaching, if you as the teacher, don’t come into the classroom with no more knowledge than he/she had the week?

The purpose for “In God’s Holy Word” is just as much for me and the other participants to learn about the Holy Bible in a new and meaningful way as to teach others and encourage others to study the Bible for themselves.


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