My Future In Jeopardy

Today I’m having one of those days. A day in which if I make the decision my entire future will be put in jeopardy. As I look back on my life (past several months that is) I see that I am going nowhere: financially I can’t maintain my education for too much longer. relationally? Well, I have no significant other in my life, and at this rate I’ll never have a girlfriend or a wife. But that’s a completely different story.

Today’s decision is whether to complete my schooling or to drop out indefinitely. The thing is, I want to finish my bachelor degree and then get on with my life. But at the same time I don’t want to get into any more debt doing it, thus I also want to leave school after this term and get on with it. I want to do something now.

You see, with being a full time student who has a full time job, I really have no time for anything else. The money I make barely scratches the surface of my debts, instead the hole get deeper and deeper.

To be honest I’d rather be a writer than a student. With writing as my passion I can learn as I write and do something I love. The money that I will end up putting into publishing will be worthwhile, more so than my education.

But if I drop out of school now I will not be able to finish my degree. What to do, what do to…

Whatever I do decide I need to come before the Lord God in prayer. Please pray for me also as I finish my schooling and make choice of what to do once I leave this place.


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