Final Year of College

Today is orientation for the new students. Seeing that I’m now one of the least new students I don’t need to be reorientated. But next year maybe different, and that’s only if I do end up starting my graduate studies. That’s a good twelve months away.

Today, and until Saturday, I’ve booked off work and I’m heading to Banff tomorrow for a well needed time of rest and relaxation. Relaxation? What on Earth is that? A word that’s almost foreign to me. Over the summer months I’ve been busy with work, writing, and church. After this weekend I can add school to that list. See what I mean relaxation is so alien?

I guess being a student and writer, who needs to work for a living, can be extremely preoccupying. I writing this one week in advance so when the day it’s posted I will be busy with preparing for this year’s student prayer ministry and meeting some of the new students.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. God bless you all and until next time.


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