Pre-Study Update

I haven’t done a post on the “pre-study” aspect of the coming Bible study in a long time. A few plans have changed and will continue to do so until the study begins and even as it is underway. Over the summer I’ve been watching my friend (and roommate) typing up a Bible study his dad is doing for his church up north. My friend takes a lot of time doing this I can only image how much time his dad took doing the actual reading and research to handwrite the material.

This is showing me that my initial plan of three years to go through the entirety of “God’s Holy Word” is not really feasible. I am in the process of figuring out how many chapters I will be able to go through and exactly what format the “blogged” results will look like.

The concept I’m toying with now is not so much as making a commentary series as to use existing commentary series as a base for a new Bible study series. The primary series I will be using is the The New American Commentary series (published by Broadman & Holman).

Few lay folks know the Bible, but how many of them know what it really says? Context, word-studies, and background checks will be incorporated into this coming study because they are already in the series. As the start date draws closer the appearance and material on this blog will change, but hopefully not too much. Photos? Perhaps some will surface. More links? Eventually.



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