Winter in the Mountains

Another school semester is upon us, with a fairly light load for me–one course and two prayer ministries. The second of these is my capstone project, field ed., at my church here in Calgary. I am definitely looking forward to this term to see what God will teach me, what He will do through me, and the chance to be able to put my education into practice.

My pastor and I are meeting weekly/bi-weekly to discuss what the capstone prayer ministry will look like. There is a lot to consider for any ministry, and a lot to learn. Leading anything for God and His church always begins with learning and servitude. Serving the congregation is the best way to lead them.

How else can one build trust relationships? One must first demonstrate that he or she is willing to do exactly that which he or she expects others to do. A prayer ministry? Be the first to pray! A “Bible Study”? Be the first to study the Bible! A discipleship ministry? Be the first to become a disciple!

These, in my opinion, are the basics for what it means to be a Christian–in true relationship with God. These can look like almost anything. For everyone they will be different just as different as everyone is. God created us all to be unique Image bearers, with unique traits.

My prayer ministries (the first being the student prayer ministry at the seminary) will be hardcore learning experiences for me and for others involved. Character traits which I hope to gain from these and will be essential for the three year study “In God’s Holy Word” are as follows: patience, endurance, vulnerability, flexibility, teachable, humility and disciplined. Although this list is not exclusive they are what I intend to take away from these ministries and by them continue to grow closer to God and His people.

Well, that’s that for this month. Thanks for reading and supporting my endeavor. God bless you and keep you.

Until next month,

Seb, the Student


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