Merry Christmas!

Well, now…another year has come and gone. What can we do about it? Nothing! That’s the best part of time, for time that is, it can’t be controlled by any one or anything. God created it with such precision that the same amount of it comes into our lives as leaves.

I’m currently in the midst of winter break with a few weeks left before next semester begins. I have a light load but it will nonetheless be interesting to see what God has planned for me. This spring I will be doing the first half of my field ed (a.k.a. Capstone I).

I am leading/coordinating a prayer ministry at my church. In a matter of speaking it’s an extension of the student prayer ministry. Learning how to lead and how to serve others as a servant-leader will be a new experience for me. This is definitely one I am looking forward to.

Have a Merry Christmas and a wonder New Year to come. To you and your family from me, myself and I. May God bless you all as we celebrate His incarnation as an infant boy born in Bethlehem nearly two thousand years ago and His immanent and joyous return.

The Student


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