First Update

Good Morning Readers,

I know as I’m writing this it’s actually evening, but it’ll most likely be morning (or sometime there after) when you discover this blog and get a change to read it.

So, I am slowly figuring out how to use and modify WordPress blogs. It is not always easy to get it to do what I want, but that’ll take time. As you can see there is a menu above the blog entries; some are links to future posts, while others are links to pages.

Each post has the date it was posted attached. The pages do not have such a thing. They are simply additional information to the study.

As time goes by, not like it has anything better to do, I will be changing and adding pages to the menu. Links and pictures will pop up here and there, and the entire layout of this blog is subject to change. I am hoping to keep the menu on top as it currently is, and adding a side text column for extra background information on each chapter of each book of the Bible.

Keep checking back for more updates. God bless and have a great weekend.


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