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In the past few months, this last year or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s Word and what it really means to know God and what he has to say to His people. The message of the Bible is not an easy one to grasp, at least not in its entirety. The Bible does have a tonne of heavy and complicated passages.

I have decided to attempt something new and time consuming: studying God’s Holy Word over the course of three years. With 1189 chapters over 156 weeks for 6 days per week–I will be studying one or two chapters a day. The plan is to read the Bible in various English translations and two or three commentary series as well as several Bible background books.

This study plan is set to begin in March 2016, after an extensive library has been accumulated and after most of the Bachelor of Christian Ministry is done. Over time I will post updates and a bibliography of texts I intend to use for this study. Links to various Bible translations and publishers/book stores may appear as well.

My intent of this study is not only to gain personal head knowledge for myself but also to encourage other lay Christians to look deeper in God’s Word. Look at what it says for themselves and not just rely on what the pulpit claims to be in the Holy Book. God’s Word is for all believers and not only for the ordained or students.

Keep checking back for updates. I look forward to sharing with you all what God is teaching me through this preparation time and the coming study.

God bless you and keep you as you continue in the Faith.


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