EDITED (May 20, 2019):

Welcome to “In God’s Holy Word”. Here you will find Bible-based articles on prayer and a coming study on each book of the Bible. The purpose is to encourage others (laymen, seminary students, and church leaders alike) to dig deeper God’s Word and learn for themselves (and together) what God had to say to His people in the past and its relevance bus today.

It is not the just the responsibility for the clergy to study the Bible. Every individual, man and woman, should take it upon themselves to learn and study the Word. If they need clarification than go to a minister for assistance in understanding a passage. But, always be IN GOD’S HOLY WORD and talk with others (including your pastor or priest) about what you are learning as you read through the Holy Scripture.

The reason for the upcoming study is this one unfortunate fact, which is becoming common knowledge, is the ever growing Bible illiteracy within churches. Albert Mohler’s article, “The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy: It’s Our Problem” (published in 2004) explains how this phenomenon is a growing plague within North American churches. Many people don’t even know this is a problem. The sad truth is either most people aren’t engaged in the Bible regularly or their pulpit preachers have failed them in not teaching the message and stories from the Bible. Or both.

How can we, as Bible believing Christians, expect our surrounding secular society to have the facts straight when our own people don’t? We need to ask ourselves and our congregations these crucial questions: Are you reading the Bible? How much of the Bible do you know? How much do you know you don’t know? If we say we believe the Bible we need to know what it says. One thing I want to see happen within churches is an increase in biblical literacy, by means of introducing a new ministry of “Bible teachers”.

This is an art which has fallen in the cracks of yesteryear and has seemingly become archaic. If I want to see this new branch of Bible education to happen I need to begin with myself. Thus I will be doing a semi-in-depth study “In God’s Holy Word” on my own. Thus this blog! God bless.

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